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Veronica de Saint Phalle
Welcome To heArtful Prints

My name is Veronica de Saint Phalle. I am a painter specializing in painting acrylic multimedia canvases. I freely incorporate bits of birch bark, stones, and other natural elements from my home in Vermont, along with bits of my hand-crafted tatting in many of my works.

Please take a look at the dozens of paintings on offer. When one touches your heart you can explore various purchase options including the original canvas, fine art reproductions on canvas, professional prints on a variety of papers and surfaces from wood to metal (framed and unframed), as well as fine art press-printed cards.

I hope you enjoy all my offerings and find something unique for yourself or a special loved one.

About The Artist

I was born in Morrisville, Vermont and live in Johnson with my husband Andre and our two big dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Black lab :) I am also the mother of two, and grandmother of four wonderful grandkids. Growing up on a dairy farm on the slopes of Jay Peak, I have always loved the mountains, walking and hiking and yes, I also love tatting, painting and reading.

Through the benefits of my passion for photography, having worked for years as a portrait and wedding photographer, I have learned to let my spiritual mind go with a project. My subconscious becomes my manager and my projects come alive in their unique artistic styles. There is a repetitive nature to some of this work, but with the right attitude and guidance, each piece has a story which makes what I do truly unique.

Creative Process

I began tatting in the early 1990's. (I was taught by an 82 year old lady who had MS). I saw this art and had to learn! It wasn't easy but I practiced and practiced and voila!! I now want to share this Victorian lost art as heArtful wall art and heArtful cards.

I began painting in 2017 (when I retired) and truly enjoy incorporating tatting into my fine artworks... loving how the pieces come alive right before my eyes!! I love painting and how it takes me on exciting journeys.

As a native Vermonter, I let my spiritual mind go with a project, my subconscious becomes my manager and the project comes alive in their unique artistic styles. Rediscovering the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis and sharing my art is how we will make a connection… as tatting is all about making a connection through its magical knots and joining threads together... the love I have for this art and sharing it with those who love what I do is very enjoyable and satisfying. Please enjoy the nostalgia of tatting and its fractal like beauty.

Are you curious and want to read more about tatting?

Are you familiar with Tatting? Tatting is a part of history! Tatting for me is like recreating a piece of history - nostalgia - frivolity and a reminder of times gone by… Tatting has been around for over two hundred years and perhaps longer - it is not knitting or crocheting - tatting is done with the fine dexterity of fingers, cotton thread or hemp and a shuttle and the patience to guide one through its magical process.

From the beginning the process of transforming string/hemp into art has struck me as magical - like the details in "cats in the cradle.” So, for many years, that process has encapsulated me and it continues to lead me in numerous directions. Tatting fills me with a sense of accomplishment as this art is dying and I feel through its various mediums and visual embellishments it is coming to life in a variety of ways.

Tatting and the creative process is all about making a connection and the therapeutic process of creating wearable art and now meaningful wall art and beautiful greeting cards have been added to the repertoire of finished products.

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