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Acrylic Painting on Canvas "Balance" Abstract Vermont

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  • Gicleé Printed Fine Art Reproductions on Canvas in a variety of sizes, mounted on 1½" wood stretcher frame with sawtooth hangers and corner bumpers
  • Original canvas on wood stretcher frame (SOLD)

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  • heArtful Prints are produced from ultra high resolution photographs taken of the original painting under professional studio lighting
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We are able to provide you with an array of canvas options, including thicker stretcher frames, floating stretcher frames in various colors, matte and UV protective finishes. We also offer different sizes of fine art photo prints (suitable for your framing solutions) as well as metallic prints and bamboo prints!

    Artist's Notes


    Each painting has a unique story and love from the heArt!! The process starts with my love of nature and the details that encapsulate me on a daily basis. The heArtful canvases are created by (me) Veronica de Saint Phalle. Each canvas is created with acrylic paint, a variety of brushes and other techniques that I try - some work others don’t… always challenging...

    So what happens when a paintbrush works in mysterious way? I let the brush guide me - like its magic.

    I wanted to begin a painting with an abstract theme but revealing - and the word Balance came to my mind. Words are like that with me - something will trigger my mind - a word or actual poem. That’s what happened with Balance - It started to come alive.

    As a lover of rocks the painting begins - finding the magical brush(es) and getting the huge rock on canvas was just the beginning for this 74 inch long canvas… then I had to create more rocks to Balance on the big rock … then like the emoji my hands were in the air "what next?” The words kept coming…

    And voila the painting had its own movement…

    I was playing with pouring paint on other projects - I thought this painting would be ideal for that - well the size and length were challenging— where can I pour to get the most benefit? I carried the painting outside and placed on a slight upgrade and tried to create a balancing beam of my own to float the paint where I wanted it to go.. and I didn’t want to ruin the already painted objects… this took several tries and finally I was happy with the result…

    The finished painting included a huge sun and Moon and stars… The final touch for a magical painting.


    Creating a rock is hard work

    With a tweak and a twerk.

    Moss will come and go

    Shadows will grow.

    Rocks on Rocks

    Balance becomes shock!

    Budgets are locked

    Even with the scales

    Of time - life prevails.

    The sun rises and sets

    East and west…

    The ball creates Balance

    Equal are the beams

    Women in Balance it seems.

    North and South

    Words espouse

    As the Buddha sits above

    The moon and stars are love.

    - Veronica

Copyright © 2000-23 - All Rights Reserved :||: Veronica A. de Saint Phalle, Johnson VT