Acrylic Painting on Canvas Conceptual Global Warming
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Acrylic Painting on Canvas Conceptual Global Warming

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  • Gicleé Printed Fine Art Reproductions on Canvas in a variety of sizes, mounted on 1½" wood stretcher frame with sawtooth hangers and corner bumpers
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  • heArtful Prints are produced from ultra high resolution photographs taken of the original painting under professional studio lighting
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    Artist's Notes


    Each painting has a unique story and love from the heArt!! The process starts with my love of nature and the details that encapsulate me on a daily basis. The heArtful canvases are created by (me) Veronica de Saint Phalle. Each canvas is created with acrylic paint, a variety of brushes and other techniques that I try - some work others don’t… always challenging…

    I have found that there is endless creativity stored in my head… It seems like the ideas flow freely and this is where Pu3zle comes from… an abundance of abstract ideas…

    With all the devastation globally to Mother Earth - the first thing I drew was a circle for Earth (P3)…then a painters palette, then a moon... first thought was a rainbow made out of puzzle pieces that have tumbled from the sky… so I painted the pu3zle pieces and placed them on the canvas - I thought this will work… and Pu3zle took off…

    So as I contemplated more images for my abstract Earth the Pu3zle idea was crazily working out.

    Earth emerged with varying landscapes. With Pu3zling people (look like robots). The past emerged from old math problems and drama - spirits flying about. Dead maple leaves in shapes of historic birds, a wrecked ship, Earth on Fire! Old game pieces..

    From blocks of frozen ice I captured pictures - and realized there were faces that needed to be recorded/painted onto Pu3zle. Pu3zling for sure.

    The painter’s palette with a pu3zle brush, Yin & Yang, comedy and tragedy, the moon and stars and the star lit sky!!

    Creating the star lit sky was the hardest and most time consuming. Tons of Dabbing! As it turns out I love to dab and create challenging subjects for myself…. At this point in my short painting life

    Pu3zle was created as I unloaded a lot onto this canvas.

    Pu3zle Poem

    It all started with a rainbow

    That fell to the ground below.
    Thousands of years and places

    Ice Melting reflecting faces.
    Mother Earth on fire

    Oh the greedy shameful liar
    People as Pu3zles

    Stary sky that dazzles…
    Hidden mazes and games

    We used to have brains.
    Comedy and Tragedy so far apart

    Yin and Yang stole our heart.
    The spirits fly about

    Of course casting doubt.
    Old ships have come and gone

    Troubles are made into a song.
    Philosophy and math hold true

    As Pu3zle gives us a clue.
    With only a quarter moon showing

    Tattered flag still blowing.
    The disfigured colorful leaves

    Feel like prehistoric birds we grieve.
    The painter’s palette and globs of paint

    Bringing to view what ain’t…

    - Veronica

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