Acrylic Painting on Canvas Gihon River, Johnson Vermont
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Acrylic Painting on Canvas Gihon River, Johnson Vermont

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  • Gicleé Printed Fine Art Reproductions on Canvas in a variety of sizes, mounted on 1½" wood stretcher frame with sawtooth hangers and corner bumpers
  • Original canvas on wood stretcher frame (SOLD)

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  • heArtful Prints are produced from ultra high resolution photographs taken of the original painting under professional studio lighting
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  • please allow 5 - 10 business days for delivery

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We are able to provide you with an array of canvas options, including thicker stretcher frames, floating stretcher frames in various colors, matte and UV protective finishes. We also offer different sizes of fine art photo prints (suitable for your framing solutions) as well as metallic prints and bamboo prints!

    Artist's Notes


    Each painting has a unique story and love from the heArt!! The process starts with my love of nature and the details that encapsulate me on a daily basis. The heArtful canvases are created by (me) Veronica de Saint Phalle. Each canvas is created with acrylic paint, a variety of brushes and other techniques that I try - some work others don’t… always challenging…

    In the spring of 2020 I had taken plenty of pictures of flowers where we walk - the "Scrib walk" is what we call it - the dogs know go to Scrib… its one of our favorite walks. Quiet and mostly just us walking. Serenity!!

    I kept taking pictures throughout the seasons - the four seasons is my reason… capturing the wild flowers that grow and pass on… I had decided to do a painting in my mind so I was preparing myself for another 74 inch horizontal painting…

    This painting began as a lesson in clouds! Ok an exaggeration of clouds!! I was spending hours and hours on creating clouds - clouds that resemble some image… like a rose, a dog, faces - perhaps you’ll see something in there as well…

    Then I sketched out the river and created a scene that included more trees and grass and kept with the serenity theme… with the various tools at my disposal and now recently discovered the sponge - that was making my job a bit easier.. especially all the little flowers in the background… I was loving the process. Lots of dabbing and creating flowers that were now coming to life for all the seasons…

    As I was painting the flowers I realized there was a pattern - like the clouds - the flowers became an exaggeration - so fun and calming!! I really used my hands on this one… softening pedals, blurring out parts…is this what a painter feels like? I was getting excited about this artistic piece of work.

    - Veronica

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