Acrylic Painting on Canvas Wooden Boat Pink Sand Beach
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Acrylic Painting on Canvas Wooden Boat Pink Sand Beach

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  • Single 4x6 Photo on Folded 5x7 Card with Envelope
  • Box of 25 Press-Printed Fine Art Cards with Envelopes
  • Gicleé Printed Fine Art Reproductions on Canvas in a variety of sizes, mounted on 1½" wood stretcher frame with sawtooth hangers and corner bumpers
  • Original canvas on wood stretcher frame (SOLD)

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  • heArtful Prints are produced from ultra high resolution photographs taken of the original painting under professional studio lighting
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  • please allow 5 - 10 business days for delivery

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We are able to provide you with an array of canvas options, including thicker stretcher frames, floating stretcher frames in various colors, matte and UV protective finishes. We also offer different sizes of fine art photo prints (suitable for your framing solutions) as well as metallic prints and bamboo prints!

    Artist's Notes

    "BOAT" (2017)

    This was my very first acrylic painting. Looking at a large canvas and having never painted before, I thought, "Where to begin?" One has to generate an idea - I am usually full of them… but I was unsure how to proceed."Errrrrr, this is hard" I thought. "What am I doing?"

    My husband Andre and I both love water, especially kayaking, so I started with the water….

    I decided that I just needed to start getting used to brushes in my hand instead of jewelry tools. I tried to let go of any preconceived notions and just go with the flow. Soon I was creating movement. I could feel it. I was especially enjoying the textures and the way ideas seemed to come out of nowhere.

    As I got used to using the brushes, understanding the various shades and shadows, I realized the painting had a Caribbean feeling… and that is how the boat ended up on the shore of the pink beach, adorned with actual shells collected in Barbuda, West Indies.

    After creating this painting I went on to do more canvases, creating more works of art with heArtful touches.

    I was falling in love with my new ability to paint.

    Now my discerning eye is constantly making me wonder, “Can I paint that?”

    - Veronica

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